Sunday, October 23, 2016

Remedies For Your Pregnancy Postpartum Troubles

Hey beautiful ladies out there. I am Rakhi Jayashankar here (Outset). Nice meeting you again. This is the second time I am writing an article in this wonderful blog by Anjali Sengar. Thanks Anjali for this opportunity. It took quite a long time for me to come back since I was completely under baby blues after having my third baby. As expected, my body succumbed to the maternity changes, not that it would be permanent. I look years older and that was a concern. Notwithstanding the pride of bringing a life to this world, the changes that happened to my skin, face, body and hair was unacceptable. This made me think of what I did after my previous two travails. Yes, we can do a lot of things to look the old self.

Pregnancy Postpartum Baby Delivery

1. Stretch Marks

I was one of the few lucky women who didn't have to deal with the stretch marks. But I had friends who were quite embarrassed to show off their abs due to these tiger scratches. With a little care in the early trimester, we can ward off this night mare. There are a lot of anti-stretch mark creams in market but due to the concern about the content and its effect on the baby most women don't use it.

A very easy and natural way to deal with this is Castor Oil. Start applying this as early as your first trimester and see the difference.

2. Ageing Lines

Each delivery add a couple of years to your age lines. Don't look at your face and fret about those lines because this will only help to add more lines. Look in the mirror and proudly say " I am a proud mother and I am still beautiful." Most mothers refrain from using any anti ageing creams or packs since we are not sure about the contents and whether they are detrimental to our baby. And, doing any home remedy is like a never ending desire which is never fulfilled.

Olive oil is my favourite buddy when it comes to beauty care. Let it be for thick eye lashes, dandruff, dry skin, olive oil serves the best. It is an excellent anti ageing agent too. Massage your face and neck daily with olive oil just before shower and see the magic. Another magical remedy is using egg white mask. Doesn't your baby sleep for at least half n hour. Then don't waste time. Rush to your kitchen, take an egg separate the yolk and apply the albumen lavishly in your face and neck. Do this once or twice a week as per your free hours. Trust me, you will love the new YOU.

Ps: Don't discard the yolk.

3. Frizzy Hair

Pregnancy oozes out the moisture completely from your hair. Except some lucky few, everyone else suffers from hair loss and frizzy hair. We assort to messy bun as a temporary solution for this issue till we can manage some time for a hair spa.

You don't have to think more. Don't you have the olive oil which is left over after applying to your face? Just give a massage to your scalp. Haven't you kept aside the egg yolk? Add one more egg to it. Apply it to your hair. Now stop making faces and do it. After about 20 minutes wash your hair with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner. You will never be able to take your hands off your silky smooth hair.

4. Dark Circles

Those sleepless nights gift you with unrelenting dark circles and sagging eyes. Let's take a break from olive oil this time. Take some almond oil and massage around your dark circles before going to bed. Wash it off the next morning. Continue doing this for about a month. You can feel the difference yourself.

5. Flabby Abs

Those cute tiny belly buttons, that taut abs; haven't you reminisced your pre pregnancy body like your ex-boyfriend whom you still love? While you know that crunches are the best remedy for cutting down abdominal fat, you will never be able to find time, nor energy for that matter.

To start with the best remedy for your flabby abs is abdominal breathing exercise. Lie on your back and keep your one hand on your upper chest and other beneath the rib cage. Inhale slowly. Make sure that only the hand on your ribcage moves. This way you can get to know if you are using the right technique. Inhale to the full capacity of your stomach. Then slowly exhale with your lips pursed. You should feel the pressure on your stomach muscles. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes.

These are all stopgap remedies. These cannot be replaced with the parlour treatment. But one thing I can assure, if you are not a parlour addict, you will find these remedies the best choices. The most important part is loving yourself and being proud to be a mother.


  1. Thanks for sharing it Rakhi almost every new mom need it :)

    1. It's my pleasure. Having gone through the travail thrice, I felt I should pass on my experiences to the new momz

  2. In the beginning of my pregnancy I was also scared of postpartum troubles but somehow I skipped all of them.. Thanks for this lovely post I know lots of women will be looking for it :)

  3. Nice post , One has to deal with all these along with Post Delivery Blues , the worst part is weight gain and hair loss , yes but with some extra effort and hard work that can also be taken care of , Most important when one is on cloud9 after getting a baby one does not really thinks too much about other problems :-)

    1. Thank you Gazala. Yes, we should be proud to be a mother and love ourselves

  4. Such a great and helpful remedies. Thanks for sharing it. very helpful remedies for new mom.

  5. Nice Post.....
    Such a cute baby u have.

  6. I just love the post! Really informative!!