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What To Pack In A Hospital Bag For Labor And Delivery

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OMG!!! My cupcake is 5 months old now. Can’t believe time flies so fast, it seems like only few days back when I was going through doctor visits, ultrasound, vaccination sessions etc. My baby was in my imagination but know he is there in my arms. My baby gave me a problem free pregnancy; yes I never had any single reason to complain. The only thing I had to think about during that phase was “what I need to pack in my hospital for labor and delivery”. As it was first time and I had no idea so took help of my friends (yummy mommies) and today I am sharing it with you guys.

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1. Sanitary/Maternity Pads: Post delivery you are going to bleed like hell, I know I may be sounding horrible but it is going to happen. So you need to buy some good quality of sanitary or maternity pads. My hospital provided me some during my stay to hospital. But you never know so buy your and keep it in your bag.

2. Under garments: You need to pack few panties and nursing bras in your bag. As in India in case of normal delivery you have to stay in hospital for minimum 1 day and in case of C-section for 3 days. So be prepared according to that.

3. Towels: You need to pack 2 towels, one for yourself and one for your little one. Do not forget to take few hand towels too.

4. A bed sheet and a pillow: No doubt you will be getting these in hospital but it is always safe to carry extra one.

5. Disposable Diapers and Baby Wipes: I bought a small pack of disposable diapers for my newborn. I was not sure if we needed to buy one since I was expecting the hospital to provide this but we bought a pack anyway. If ever we don't get to use it we can always just bring it home to use during outings or emergencies. I bought Mamy poko pants (for new born) and my hospital also provided the same.

The baby wipes will be useful not just for changing baby's diapers but for hygiene purposes as well. I don't intend to use baby wipes on baby all the time though. At home, I'll be using cotton balls or cloth wipes and water for washing baby's bum. So do pack disposable diapers and baby wipes in your bag.

6. Baby's Clothes and Receiving Blanket: 
For my baby I bought few rompers, bibs pairs of socks and mittens. In India there is tradition of using old clothes for new born baby for initial 6 days. But I don’t have any so I bought new one and washed them properly. I placed them in a large zip-lock bag so each bag has one set of clothes that baby needs.

I also placed a receiving blanket in each bag.

7. Robe or Maxi: Take 3 or 4 robes or maxis in you hospital bag. You will be getting hospital dress but it is safe to carry yours. Buy use and throw types of robes or maxis.

8. Camera and Charger: For taking those sweet pictures of baby, mommy and daddy. If daddy is going to be busy, delegate this task to another relative or friend and if you like, make a checklist of what pictures you wanted taken at the hospital (e.g. mommy with baby, daddy with baby, picture of baby, mommy and daddy together etc.)

9. Toiletries


· Toothbrush and toothpaste
· Shampoo and conditioner
· Soap or body wash
· Face wash
· Lotion
· Lip balm
· Sanitizier


· Shampoo
· Soap or body wash
· Talcum powder
· Lotion
· Baby cream

10. Important documents: You should keep your reports, Id proof like Aadhar card, voter card etc.

11: Thermo flask: Do pack two thermo flask in your hospital bag, one for tea & one for water for yourself.

12. A set of going home clothes, slippers, few packets of biscuits.

I am not an expert; it is a small attempt to help would be mommies to help. Please do mention your suggestion in comment box.


  1. Thanks for sharing it. Very useful essentials.

  2. Nice post , I suggest one Feeder and milk powder also is good as initially it takes some time for the baby to start Moms feed .

    1. Thanks for sharing Ghazala.. These things were provided to me by hospital staff :)

  3. Sensible and useful post. Thanks for posting this.

  4. This is such a useful post Anju! i will refer to it in future ;)

    1. He he.. Hope you will need to refer my this post soon ;)

  5. Now this is called an informative post! Absolutely love it! <3