Friday, November 25, 2016

Himalaya Soothing Baby Wipes Review

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Few days back I read an online article  according to which, using baby wipes can be extremely dangerous for your baby. To be honest this gave me a goose bumps 😨 as I regularly use baby wipes. So when I saw sample sachets of Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes in baby’s pediatric clinic. My very first question to the doctor was “Is it safe to use baby wipes” and his answer was “Yes”. According to him Himalaya Baby wipes are completely herbal so there is no chance of allergic reaction. He gave me few sachets for Aarav 👶, I used them and here is my complete review about the same.

Himalaya Baby wipes- Front view

Himalaya Soothing Baby wipes - Ingredients

Price: Rs 148

Quantity: 72 wipes

Himalaya Soothing Baby wipes - Lavender

Online availability:

Shelf life:
36 months or 3 years

Himalaya Soothing Baby wipes - Full view

Packaging: This wipe comes in a white and lavender colored sachet. You will find all the required details printed on the sachet. I find this sachet extremely travel friendly as it can be easily carried in the bag and it provides you a use & throw kind of option . 

Himalaya Soothing Baby wipes - Back View

My opinion about the product: Each sachet contains single wipe which measures 20cm x 21cm. The wipe is white in color and has a very refreshing fragrance. The wipe in sachet comes in folded form so you need to unfold it prior to use. While unfolding you will notice little bubbles or sticky substance, I am not sure what exactly it is. I never saw this kind of thing in any other brand. The wipe is of good quality and it doesn’t get tear off easily. It contains Himalaya baby lotion in it, so it hydrates baby’s skin post application. 

Himalaya Soothing Baby wipes - Soothing Wipes

It doesn’t contain alcohol that can ensure its safety on the baby’s skin. Company also claims that this wipe is fully loaded with the goodness of lavender and Indian aloe. It efficiently removes all dirt and keeps your baby skin healthy. These wipes can be used on face and other rest body parts of baby too but I restricted it’s use for wiping my baby’s little bummies between nappy changes. The reason is these wipes are too soapy to clean, that it gets sudsy 😟. This is the thing which is stopping me to buy these wipes again. 

Himalaya Soothing Baby wipes - opened

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 2/5 ♥♥