Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Santoor Whitening & UV Protection Body Lotion Review

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Santoor is a brand which needs no introduction. You all must have seen it’s soap advertisement on television. In this post I am reviewing a product from this brand. No! It’s not Santoor soap, I am going share my experience with body lotion of this brand.

Santoor Whitening & UV Protection Body Lotion: Review
Ingredients: Nothing mentioned on this tiny bottle.

Santoor Whitening & UV Protection Body Lotion: Winter Care

Price: Rs 10

Santoor Whitening & UV Protection Body Lotion: Whitening & UV protection

Wt: 20 ml

Santoor Whitening & UV Protection Body Lotion: Ingredients

Shelf life: 24 months or 2 years

Santoor Whitening & UV Protection Body Lotion: Color, Packaging, Availability, Price

Directions for use: Apply lotion gently all over the body, slowly massaging it in. Best used after bathing.

Skin Type: All skin types

Santoor Whitening & UV Protection Body Lotion: Opinion

Packaging: This lotion comes in a super cute packaging. The bottle is white in color and has a yellow colored cap. The shape of the bottle is just awesome. This lotion is available in various variants, the one I have is of 20 ml. It is very travel friendly & easily fits in a bag or purse without occupying much space.

Santoor Whitening & UV Protection Body Lotion: Effectiveness

My opinion about this product: The moment you open the cap of the bottle your nose witness an
awesome aroma of Sandalwood. This may force you to say “Baby I am addicted”. He he he.. The
lotion is white in color and has very creamy texture. This creamy texture allows even and easy
application of lotion on skin.

Santoor Whitening & UV Protection Body Lotion: How to use

In summers this body lotion moisturizes skin very well without leaving any traces of stickiness or
greasiness. But if you have a dry skin and applying it in winters than you have to use a large amount
of it to get the desired result. It keeps my skin hydrated for 3-4 hours and after that I need to
moisturize my skin again.

This lotion claims to have Whitening and UV Protection formula but I haven’t noticed any whitening
effect on my skin. This lotion also doesn’t specify the amount of SPF so I have a doubt on the
effectiveness of this body lotion against the Sunlight.

What I like about this product….

1. Has a nice fragrance.
2. Didn’t break me out.
3. Enriched with the goodness of Sandalwood & Sakura extract.
4. Travel friendly packaging.
5. Easily available.
6. Budget friendly.

What I do not like about this product….

1. Doesn’t specify SPF amount.
2. Doesn’t lighten skin tone.
3. May not suitable for dry skin.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 2/5 ♥♥


  1. I prefer something more moisturizing for my dry skin. So this is not for me. Nice review :)

  2. For this winter time, I need a heavy moisturizing lotion! Nice detailed review, Anjali :)
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  3. Sounds like a no-no for winters.

  4. Nice review , best part is its affordable and travel friendly :-)

  5. The packaging looks cute. But when it does nothing,I'd rather give it a miss ;)

    1. Indeed.. I bought this coz of cute packaging :)

  6. Nice and detailed review. Thanks for the review. packaging is too good.

  7. Nice review. It is more of a travel sized product.

  8. i didnt know santoor stocks body lotions too! This seems good for summer season!

  9. I think, its is a perfect option for summers ! haina