Monday, November 21, 2016

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash Review

Hello Ladies!!!

The word "Women" 👩 is itself a boon granted by god . The only problem we face mostly is the vaginal infections ranging from Yeast infections from excessive sweating to bacterial or other infections from infected areas. No matter what you do we are prone to infections as does gift of our anatomy. Our body only defense is the Acidic pH of our intimate area which acts as our natural barrier. Mostly all brands try to replenish the natural flora but what matters is the ingredients used. He he he, too technical 😉... This brand was recommended by my Gyne friend who advised me to use it frequently.

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash: Front
About the brand: Sebamed is world's leading skin care expert from Germany with more than 50 years of rich experience. Sebamed is the brand of choice in more than 85 countries worldwide.
Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash: 

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash: Hygeine

Price: Rs. 650

Quantity: 200 ml

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash: Safe

Online availability:

Shelf life: 36 months or 3 years

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash: pH balance

Directions for use: Create a soft lather with a tiny drop of Intimate Wash. Cleanse the genital area gently and rinse thoroughly. I personally prefer to use this while in the shower.

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash: ClinicallyTested

Packaging: I personally found that the packaging of all the products of this brand is pretty simple and decent. This product is packed inside a white colored card board box and has a pastel pink & green logo. All the required details are provided on the box along with a leaflet which also provides information about the product as well as the brand.

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash: Ingredients

My opinion about the product: As mentioned earlier, there are several products in market which claim to preserve the natural flora and maintain Acidic medium but the controversy remains in the ingredients used. However I have used several other products but was quite happy with the results after using it for two weeks. They were no ingredients which were allergic to skin and skin felt very refreshing after every use. The other thing which is noticeable is that the product is cruelty free meaning it doesn’t harm any animal for its testing.

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash: Pacakging

What I like about this product….

1. Tested and verified by Gynecologists.
2. Eliminates odor.
3.Maintains adequate pH of 3.8.

What I do not like about this product…..

A bit pricey but manages with the small amount used for application.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.8/5 ♥♥

* PR sample but honest review. 


  1. Lovely review dear Anjali..and pH value 3.8 is very acidic..that is good for skin cells..😊😊

  2. Nice and detailed review , Seba Med products are really good .

  3. Currently i am loving everteen. Shall try this next!

    1. I know that how loyal you are for this brand :)

  4. Anjali I really need to try this one out as my current feminine wash is not working for me. Thanks for sharing this product.

  5. Will definitely try out this one, looks great. Great review Anjali.

  6. Even though I have tried Feminine washes I don't really get what the fad is about. This one sounds quite nice.

  7. Nice and honest review. Thanks for sharing it.