Tuesday, December 20, 2016

OOTD: Monochrome Craziness

Bonjour Amis!!!

After a long time I am doing an outfit post. I did my last OOTD when I was 8 months pregnant 👶 and nobody was able to guess that I am pregnant.. He he.. Jokes apart, since then I was dying to do an OOTD post  but was not able to do so because of my little muckin. But now, he is bit grown up and I get  little bit time for myself. So here I am with a winter OOTD.

Winter OOTD Post
I usually like to wear bright color but this time I chose to wear white and black. This time, I am wearing a high neck black colored T-shirt, a pair of black jeans and black and white colored woolen shrug. My hubby bought this shrug for me and I personally feel that shrugs are awesome option when you get bored with your sweater or coat kind of look.

Monochrome style
Shrug in winters
Woolen Shrug: How to wear

I also tried to give a nerdy look to myself but I wonder that how it is looking on me 😎.

Nerdy look
Girl in nerdy look

I am a warm kind of person and actually don’t like winters. Specially this year I literally pray to god to keep the weather a little warm (To be honest I do it every year).. He he 😆..

Winter selfie


  1. Wow... I love the shrug... It is beautiful and you too....

  2. Lovely Post and a Lovely Shrug , Over all a Nice Warm Look for winters :-)

  3. The shrug is as beautiful and elegant as u dearie.. lovely post

  4. Lovely post and you are looking gorgeous dear!!

  5. I loved your shrug. Looks really so beautiful. you look pretty.

  6. Lovely shrug.... ur hubby's choice is good

  7. Too cool..and beautiful to handle..lovely Anjali..😊😊 the shrug.

  8. You becoming more beautiful day by day :)

  9. बहुत बढिया, अंजली!

  10. Oh my god you are looking extremely pretty and stylish!

  11. beautiful..loved the shawl shrug :)