Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Street Wear Color Rich Not So Neon Collection (Nail Enamel Kit) Review

Hello Cuties!!!

There was a I time when I used to do a lot of nail art posts but now it is becoming difficult for me because of my little angel. Forget the nail art applying simple nail paint is becoming like dream for me these days 🙆. I can’t shop, can’t go salon, to be honest sometimes feel like I am in a house arrest. But at the same time this is probably the best phase of my life. Love you my cutie pie 😘.

Few days back I ordered Street Wear Not So Neon Nail Enamel Kit for myself . This kit has four bright colored nail paints which I absolutely love. I personally feel that these shades are very nice option for summers.

Ingredients: Nothing mentioned.

Price: Rs 210

Qt: 5 ml

Online availability:

Shelf life: 2 years 10 months


Lady Blue Eyes 32
Snap It 37
Saucy Orange 38
Get Inked 14

Directions for use: First coat- Start from the base in upward direction color your nails to the tip. Let it dry. Apply a second coat for perfect finish & better result.

Packaging: Each nail polish comes in a beautiful square shaped bottle with a girl cartoon printed on the cap. The shade name is present on the top of the cap and at the side of the cap on a sticker. Each bristle is quite thick and is of good quality. Overall the packaging is very cute and compact.

My opinion about the product: All the four shades are super gorgeous and suitable for people like me who loves bright color. At least 2 coats are required of each shade to get the desired result. The polish stays on for 3-4 days and starts fading gradually, without chipping.

1. Saucy Orange: It’s a very bright shade and I like it a lot . It instantly glams up whole thing. The formula is bit runny so first coat will be sheer but after 2 or 3 coats it turns into opaque. It dries up soon and gives a smooth and glossy finish to nails. I am going to stock it especially for summers for a refreshing look. He he...

2. Snap it: It is again a very cheerful color. The formula is bit thick compared to rest of the shades after 2 coats it turns into opaque. This is a kind for color for teenagers but I won’t mind it wearing.

3. Lady blue Eyes: This shade appears light blue but is actually a teal blue shade. It has a nice creamy texture and bit glossy too. Again you will need 2 or 3 coats to get desired result. Unfortunately the brush of this one is a little stiff and splayed on one side.

4. Get Inked: It is a deep blue shade without any shimmers. Do not apply more than 2 coat of this shade. 

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4/5 ♥♥                           


  1. Four shades are awesome and colorful option for summer.

  2. Nice review and lovely shades , I like that Sea Green shade :-)

  3. Wow, so colorful. liked it. Nicely Reviewed.

  4. all Four shades are so pretty ... my favorite one is Snap It 37 :)

  5. Very very cute girly colors..😊😊..specially lady blue eyes..😊😊

  6. Awesome shades, lady blue eye would be my pick 😁