Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Herb Boutique Pink Rouge Body Oil Review

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It's festive time around at this time of year with Makar Sankranti and Lohadi approaching, bringing loads of wishes and hope to all. In this part of world, specific in India we also see the onset of winters  ⛄with chilly, dry air which takes away all the moisture content from skin subsequently drying it. In turn skin gets cracky, flaky and whitish due to no moisture. I am very thankful to my mother who engraved the habit of oiling body regularly after bath during winters. I recently received Body oil from Herb Boutique named Pink Rogue Body oil. I used it for a couple of weeks and now ready to share my review with all.

The Herb Boutique Pink Rouge Body Oil Review

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Ingredients: Vitamin E, organic cocos nucifera oil (Organic coconut oil), rosa centifolia, Rose hips.

The Herb Boutique Pink Rouge Body Oil

Price: Rs 1349

Online availability:

The Herb Boutique Pink Rouge Body Oil

Shelf life: 24 months or 2 years

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Packaging: This Pink Rouge Body oil comes in beautiful shaped transparent glass bottle. It has a cork screw cap above it. The packaging looks pretty decent but at same time is astonishing. The Rose bud in the bottle gives it a spell- bound look.

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My opinion about the product: To define it I would say awesome, sensuous and exquisite. I applied the oil post bathing and loved to see the results. The oil is very thin, gets absorbs quickly and my o my smell is just spell bounding. My body felt liked it has imbibed the rose smell from the oil and was smelling awesome.

The Herb Boutique Pink Rouge Body Oil Packaging, Price & availability

 Moreover oil is non-greasy, doesn’t feel like having oil on hand after application. Post application the skin feels very hydrated and plump. The only problem I felt with the oil was that in winter’s oil get frozen due to low temperature. It might be because oil has coconut oil as base. Apart from that this Rose Oil is a winner in every aspect in my opinion 😍. 

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.8/5 ♥♥

* PR sample but review is honest.


  1. Oh wow according to your description of the fragrance I can sniff it here 😀

  2. Such a divine looks very very pure ...😊😊

  3. Lovely review as always... The product seems to be a exotic one!!!

  4. wooooo... this definitely sounds exotic.. would love to try this..

  5. Seems to be quite soothing & exotic too :)

  6. Very well reviewed. Seems to be a wonderful product :)