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5 Benefits Of Using Herbal Beauty Products

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Women have been always associated as symbol of beauty and thus with it comes the expectation to look and remain beautiful. Since ancient times women have used several products ranging from queens like Nefertiti using exquisite items like snake venom to ordinary women using flowers, herbs. With the advancing time and human population realizing the importance of older cosmetics over synthetic ones, more and more people are searching for herbals products. Western countries are beginning to realize the benefits of herbal therapies and are adopting herbal therapies as effective alternative medicine practices.

 But there are so many pearls lying in the deep ocean of the vast knowledge of this system. The need is just to dive in and search the herbs which are valued for medicinal, aromatic or savory qualities that act upon the body and bestow a healthy soul in a healthy body. Herbs have been used for centuries across many cultures to treat various ailments and to maintain a healthy body. The medicinal benefits of herbs have been well documented throughout the centuries, especially in China.

Among the written information on Ayurveda like in Charakh Samhita, the sage Charakh stated numerous medicinal plants in Vamya Keshaya. The herbs mentioned can be used to obtain glowing complexion. Various herbs for which description and usage can be found in ayurvedic inscriptions are chandana, Nagkeshara. Padmak, Khus, Yashtimadhu, Manjistha, Sariva. Payasya, Seta (shweta durva), Late (shyarna durva) etc. The medicinal herb mentioned in Ayurveda by experienced sages basically state that the function of ayurvedic herbs is to purify blood and eliminate vitiated (Doshes (vata, pitta, kapha) from the body as they are mainly responsible for skin disorders and other diseases.

I personally feel that Herbal products have several benefits but I am trying to enumerate top 5 benefits.

1. Nature and user friendly:
Herbal cosmetics are natural and free from all the harmful synthetic chemicals which otherwise may prove to be toxic to the skin. Instead of traditional synthetic products different plant parts and plant extracts are used in these products, e.g. aloe-vera gel and coconut oil. They also consist of natural nutrients like Vitamin E that keeps skin healthy, glowing and beautiful. The Herbal products also keep our environment safe as they lack any harmful cosmetics which could drain down and add up in our food cycle and further deteriorating earth ecological balance.

2. Compatible with all skin types: Natural cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. No matter if you are dark or fair, you will find natural cosmetics like foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick which are appropriate irrespective of your skin tone. Women with oily or sensitive skin can also use them and never have to worry about degrading their skin condition whereas Coal tar-derived colors are used extensively in cosmetics, which is recognized as a human carcinogen .But natural colors that are obtained from herbs are safer. Further chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers in skin care products and makeup can cause redness, irritation, and breakouts.

3. Easy on Skin: Artificial fragrances are designed for covering up the smell of other chemicals used in traditional health and beauty products. The effect is that we get a chemical to cover up another chemical, and all those artificial chemical smells can cause headaches, allergies in a lot of users. Natural health and beauty products smell like their natural ingredients, not overlapping mixture of chemicals. That’s the reason many of them are even used for aromatherapy.

4. No strange side effects: Parabens are used in conventionally produced health and beauty products as a preservative to extend the shelf life of products. Parabens, however, are synthetic and mimic your body's natural hormones. Many people worry that this can alter the functions of your body's endocrine system. Artificial ingredients like parabens may help a product do one thing well, but there could be possible side effects that are still being uncovered. Natural health and beauty products use natural preservatives, such as grapefruit seed extract, that won't affect your body. And while some people have allergies to a few natural ingredients (lanolin, which comes from wool, is an allergen for some) the effects are much more understood than the ones from synthetic ingredients.

5. Soothing effect over time:
Many natural products work better than their counterparts because they don't contain unnecessary fillers or irritants. And while some artificial products seem to show results in the first try, over the long-term, harmful chemicals that made your skin feel cleaner or your hair feel smoother may actually cause damage, even an irreversible damage.

On personal note I feel that the herbal products have much more to offer than points I have illustrated earlier. The similar trend has also been noticed in young and adolescent population in country, even worldwide thus creating a huge market for it. To look at it concisely, the alternate medicine and herbal products market has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets in India due to increasing health consciousness and rising awareness among the people regarding the benefits of using herbal products which has driven the demand of herbal products and medicines in the market in the last few years. The market has registered a CAGR of 19.5% during FY’2008-FY’2013 by rising from INR ~ million in FY’2008 to INR ~ million in FY’2013. Though a lot of websites and brands have sprung up in action but the buyer needs to double check the quality of product he is purchasing.

I have tried a lot of websites and brands for same and found them effective enough and have reviewed on my blog over time but there is a website called which has considerably grabbed my interest as the products it hosts are genuine and trust-worthy. I would continue to buy from the website and surely recommend it others also.


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