Monday, February 27, 2017

Don't Wait For Change, Be The Change This Winters with #EzeeCares

Hello All, 

My niece who is merely 7 years old and is a die hard fan of movies already. By the way, she is the pampered princess of our family and it’s every family member’s duty to drop her to the school, taking rounds. We just love doing it - considering her cuteness and filmy antics from time to time ( god-bless her).

Some days back I accompanied her to the school - Blue bells in Gurgaon. It was a chilly morning we were in our cosy car. As the driver zipped through the early winter mornings of Delhi, I could not stop wandering as to how those people sleeping with their threadbare rags could actually manage to do so in such chills.

My niece was sitting pretty beside me, browsing one of the bunch of her comic books that she generally carries along. Then we stopped at a traffic signal and there was this scene that literally shrunk my heart. Here was a young mother, knocking at our window - with all that she had, she had tried to cover the child, her own hands blue and shivering. She was trying to shrink as much as possible to preserve the heat for her child - there was such grave helplessness in the entire situation that I could not stop myself and spontaneously rolled down the window fast. I was struggling to hustle, but reached out to my purse and handed a 50 Rs. note to those shivering hands. I wont forget the smile on the lady's face and also not what my niece said after that. My little wise niece told me " Maasi? She cant afford warmth for both of them still. Can I give my sweater ?" She had tears rolling her cheeks and I had tears too ... all I could quickly do is thrust my shawl in her hands as the signal went green and our car zoomed ahead leaving behind the "suffering" of winters.

I had to do something about this and I was shaken. When I googled to explore if there was an existing cause that I could be a part of to do something more impactful, I found ( thankfully) that Godrej Ezee runs a program called Ezee Hugs(#EzeeCares) which addresses this exact problem in Delhi - they crowdsource woolens from donors and re-distribute the same between the underprivileged children in association with Aarohan- the NGO. Somehow I had to involve my niece with this too - because I knew this will be a transformative experience for her too in these formative years.

Serendipitously, I found out that Godrej Ezee was enrolling schools to be a part of this. A quick call with my niece's school-principal confirmed that they were approached by the Ezee Hugs team already and the school was already planning to roll this out to their students already.

All these dots connecting was pure magic and I am so happy that my niece (with my little help) just did not end up participating in this year's campaign, but did a fantastic job inspiring her school mates to come ahead and donate too. Her parents kept sharing the campaign updates ( from Godrej Ezee's facebook handle) in the school whatsapp group as well ensuring that the entire parents' community threw their weight behind this. And not just her school, apparently 140+ more schools and play-schools participated in this campaign too, contributing woolens and thus sharing warmth with thousands of underprivileged kids for whom the winters just got more cheerful.

Ezee Hugs, this year saw a whopping collection of 76742 wollens. These woollens were then redistributed to the underprivileged kids by Godrej Ezee via the Aarohan NGO.

I really liked a film that the Brand released too to garner support for this cause. Watch it here

Let's make winters easy with Godrej Ezee and Aarohan - this winter and for all winters to come.

Please do not wait for the change,take steps and be the change.

So just go on and donate as many as unused woollens for betterment of our society and our underprivileged kids.

Do find the product behind the whole campaign here :