Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ecotique Hand Made Soaps Review

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I am a big fan of handmade soaps; I think all of us love them. Just for the fact that Hand made soaps are not toxic like the other found in market.They tend to soften and care for the skin better then the latter ones and only reason they are now not a symbol status but a necessity for all.What I recently realized that I never reviewed any handmade soap on my blog, reason being not known but when I got a cute bag of handmade soaps from Ecotique, it sounded as an alarming bell for me 🙌.

I have used many handmade soaps of different brands but never shared my experience with them. So just wait and watch,soon there will be flood of handmade soaps review on my blog 😻. I would love to start with Ecotique Hand Made Soaps.


Wt: 125 gm

Online availability:

Packaging: I received a total of five soaps inside a beautiful sac. The sac is super cute and extremely good option for gifting. I am in love with the packaging. Along with soaps in the sac an ingredient list is also there which gives you idea of ingredients present in each soap. The good thing thing is that they have mentioned to do a patch test for allergy before using them.

My opinion about the product: I got five different soaps from the brand i.e Ylang Ylang & Patchouli, Mandarin & Patchouli, Tea Tree & Oregano, Basil & Spearmint and Lavender & Geranium. Each soap has different color & they all are super cute. Each of them has amazing fragrance which is mild in nature. One can easily guess the kinds of “flavors” they are without looking at the label.

It lathers & cleanses the skin well without making it dry/flaky. I love the way my skin feels post application. As I have oily skin so don’t need to moisturize my skin but people with dry skin may need to follow up with a moisturizer in winters.

I always go for patch test before using any new product so request you all to do the same. I have noticed that consistent use of the soap makes the skin soft & smooth. I had an awesome shower time with these soaps .Each soap is a small bar of 25 gm so an excellent option while travelling.

The best thing is that the brand has clearly mentioned all the ingredients used in each soap so you know exactly what you are getting. So overall I am very much impressed with the soaps of this brand and will definitely going to gift them to my loved ones.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.8/5 ♥♥

Would have rated these soaps 5/5 but availability of these products in local market is an issue, one has to order them online

*PR sample but review is honest.


  1. I am also using these soaps , they are so good :-)
    Try some other products from this brand , they are also good .

  2. Love the review. Have to try these tempting handmade soap.

  3. I have never tried any handmade soap ... nice products (y)

  4. i was searching for handmade soaps and ur review came on the right time :)

    1. Dekha how much I know your mann ki baat ;)

  5. I love handmade soaps..would love to try it out..😊