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Philips Avent Spout Cup Review

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When you hold a newborn baby 👶and just look at that precious smiling face,phew all your worries just fly away. I am pretty sure every mother will agree with me on this point. Watching your baby growing is kind of magic. My cup cake is 9 months old now. His journey from a new born to a little James Bond is simply majestic😍. Yes! He is master is finding out those things which we do not want him to see ( A mobile phone is his first target.. He he)

Philips Avent Spout Cup Review
Now he is capable of holding and using things so I thought that it’s a correct time to introduce a spout cup to him. For the time being my motive is to teach him to have water from it and later on we will try other stuff like juice or milk too. You can easily find such cups online but I purchased it from First cry outlet near to my place.

Philips Avent Spout Cup Review

Key Features:

· Spill proof
· Includes a soft spout to make the transition easier
· Flexible soft
· BPA-free
· Designed for small hands - suitable from age 6 months+
· With easy-grip handles
· Removable handles that are interchangeable with other Avent bottles and cups

Philips Avent Spout Cup review

Price: Rs 295 (However it is available for Rs 259 online)

Online availability:

Philips Avent Spout Cup Review

Recommended age: 6 Months+

200 ml

Philips Avent Spout Cup Review

My opinion about this product: The spout cup has total 4 parts – a blue colored cup of size 200 ml, handles with integrated spout, valve and a snap-on hygienic cap. It is marked both in ml and fl-oz to help you know the exact amount of liquid that your child has drunk. These days I am giving water in it to my little munchkin, he can easily handle this cup with the help of handles.

Philips Avent Spout Cup Review

Initially he did not liked having water from this cup & his reaction was so epic. He threw it with his whole power and weird expression but after two or three days he started using it. The handles are designed well to help your child begin to self-feed. The silicon spout is super soft and bite resistant. It is a much needed feature as my baby is teething so he keeps biting everything.

Philips Avent Spout Cup Review

My baby keeps playing it but never notice any spillage so I can say it is 100 % leak-proof and you can give it to you baby independently without worrying about any kind of mess. The material is also of good quality, as you all know babies love to throw things. While have his meal he throws up his cup several times but there is no deformation in the cup. Funny but it is also working as teether for my baby he keeps on biting it with his cute teeth.

Philips Avent Spout Cup Review

You may also find several spout cups of different brands with low price in the market. But do invest in good cup as your child going to use it several times in day. A spout cup has to be BPA free so pay attention on this feature too before buying a spout cup.

Philips Avent Spout Cup Review

What I like about this product….

1. BPA free.
2. Spout is bite-resistant.
3. Has a cap to close the spout cup after usage.
4. Handles provide nice grip.
5. Travel friendly.

What I do not like about this product….

1. Availability in local market.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.7 /5♥♥


  1. Looks like a good cup for child. liked it. Thanks for sharing.