Sunday, March 12, 2017

Baby Teethers Review: Fisher Price, Chicco, Senior Baby Etc.

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Today’s post is all about teethers which I am using for my baby Aarav 👶. If you are a parent then you will surely understand the importance of teether when your baby is going through the process of teething. A baby keeps drooling, putting everything into his/her mouth and remains fussy all the time.

Baby Teethers Review
My baby started teething at 7th month and he wanted to chew everything. So we  👪got signal that it’s right time to introduce a teether to him. We have few teethers for him some are gifted and some are bought by us. I am sharing my review about all of them. To be honest I am not an expert and information shared here is on the basis of my personal experience.

My opinion about the product: As I already mentioned that we have teethers gifted by friends or family as well as bought by us so there are few branded and few non branded teethers in the collection. I am going to talk all about them. 

Fisher Price baby Teether Review

This is my favorite teether (I like the design very much) &my baby’s too. When it comes about picking one teether; this one is his first choice. Reason is it’s attractive design and holding it also very easy for a baby. This teether is from brand Fisher price which is available at the price of Rs 299. I have noticed that mostly my baby chews blue ring part of this teether. As per brand this teether is for babies who are 0 to 18 months old.

Senior Baby Teether Review

This teether is from Senior baby brand and don’t know it's price as we received it as a gift. It is in shape of banana and holding & chewing it is very easy for a baby. As per brand it is non toxic and odorless in nature. Water is filled inside the teether.

Baby Teethers Review

This is a ring shaped teether inside which water is filled. Again holding is easy but my baby doesn’t chew it. May be chewing it is a bit difficult task so he rarely uses it.

Senior Baby Teether Review

This is a beautiful fish shape teether 😘. Half part of it is made up of hard plastic and half is of soft silicon. My baby doesn’t like it because it is bit heavy. So he is not comfortable in using it.

Baby Teether Review

I would have never bought this kind of teether but as it was a gift so had no choice. It's shape is neither comfortable in holding nor in chewing. So my baby hardly uses it. Again liquid is filled inside, I always find teether filled with liquid bit scary as there is always a risk of the teether bursting and exposing baby to potentially-contaminated liquid. Thankfully haven’t faced such thing yet.

Baby Teether Review

My baby like this teether as it is completely made up of hard plastic. Holding and chewing is also very easy for a baby. I will suggest not to buy a teether with small rattles or parts such as beads to avoid choking risk.

Chicco Baby Teether Review

This blue & yellow colored teether is from brand Chicco which I bought from First cry for Rs 249. The handle is made up of hard plastic and circular part is of soft Silicon & water is filled inside. My baby always chews handle of this teether. Good thing amount it is, its simple design so need no to worry about it much.

* Never leave your baby unattended with a teether or any other small toys. My baby is 10 months old and I always make sure that some adult is always there with him.


  1. Lovely post Anjali. My baby's favorite teether was chappal ;)