Monday, March 6, 2017

Inatur Essence De’ Shalimar Body Mist Review

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Feeling hot even before arrival of summers ? In the summers 🌞my biggest concern is body odor. We can’t stop our body from sweating in summers but we can definitely use deodorant, body mist &; perfumes to hide body odor caused due to sweating. I prefer to use body mist in summers as they are low scented in comparison to perfumes and deodorant. For me summers are here (though yesterday I went to the market &saw so many people still wearing sweater 🙀) and I have started using Inatur Essence De’ Shalimar Body Mist.

Inatur Essence De’ Shalimar Body Mist Review

Inatur Essence De’ Shalimar Body Mist Review

Price: Rs 950

Wt: 100 ml

Inatur Essence De’ Shalimar Body Mist Ingredients, Price, packaging & online availability

Online availability:

Shelf life: 24 months or 2 years

Inatur Essence De’ Shalimar Body Mist Review

Ideal for: All skin types.

Directions for use: Use daily to have an uplifting effect on you anytime. Spray lightly on wrists, neck and shoulders. Spray all over into the air for the fine mist to gently surround you.

Inatur Essence De’ Shalimar Body Mist Review

Packaging: I love the packaging of this body mist, it is super gorgeous. This body mist comes in a fat round bottle which has a transparent round cap. A beautiful flower is printed in front part of bottle and at the back you will find all the required information about the product. The cap shuts closely and pump also works perfectly. 

Inatur Essence De’ Shalimar Body Mist Review

My opinion about this product: This body mist has a heavily fragrance, totally refreshing for summers. I usually spray it on my wrist and neck after bath. It is a well known fact that staying power of mist is lower than perfume. This mist stays for 4-5 hours; initially fragrance is strong than fades away gradually. So you need to reapply it. 

Best body mist available in India

If you spray it on your skin in winters than it does leaves a sticky layer on your skin but in summers it doesn’t. This body mist is 100% water based and hasn’t tested on animals (Guys! I am really happy for this.). This body mist is a kind of my favorite and I am going to use it like crazy this summers. But I feel Rs 950 for 100 ml product is bit pricey deal.

Inatur Essence De’ Shalimar Body Mist Review Fragrance

What I like about this product…. 

1. 100 % water based.
2. Not tested on animals.
3. Packaging is of extremely high quality.
4. Has a very refreshing fragrance.
5. Suitable for daily wear.

What I do not like about this product…..

1. Bit difficult to find in local stores.
2. A bit pricey.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥
4.1/5 ♥♥


  1. Nice Review , What I liked about the product is it's alcohol free But too Expensive , will make a hole in your Pocket .

  2. Well review, I really like the bottle especially the color.