Wednesday, March 22, 2017

MamaEarth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies Review

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Aren’t all we mommies extra cautious and possessive when it comes to our kids? Before my daughter was born, I did so much research on toiletries that I would use for her. I asked everyone I knew and met about their opinions, their feedback and reviews on various brands available in the Indian market. Since I have extra sensitive skin, I wanted to choose very mild products for my baby.

MamaEarth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies Review
Eventually, I settled for the most expensive and a widely-trusted brand and kept using it for almost two years until I came across this new brand - “Mama Earth”. I had heard good things about the brand and started reading about it. I liked what I read and soon tried a couple of products.
And here I am, now writing reviews for convenience of other mothers who are concerned about their baby’s skin and want to choose the most nourishing yet chemical free products. I’ll begin with the review of Mama Earth’s body wash as I love this product the most.

Product claims: MamaEarth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies is a tear free formula, which uses coconut based cleansers. The product is toxin free, and is MADE SAFE certified.

Toxin Free Face wash

Ingredients: Purified Water, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Disodium cocoamphodiacetate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allentoin, Aloe Vera Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Xanthan gum, Sodium Benzoate, Orange Essential Oil, Potassium Sorbate

MamaEarth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies Ingredients

Price: Rs. 299

Weight: 200 ml

Online availability:

Shelf life: 24 months or 2 years

Packaging: It is the cutest of all baby brands, with animals printed on the bottle. It has caught my daughter’s attention; comes in a white bottle, with a fun green cap. The bottle is easy to carry during travel, and is spill proof. The ingredients and usage instructions are provided at the back.

My opinion about this product: The body wash is transparent with jelly type consistency. It forms a nice foam, and cleanses wonderfully. The product has orange essential oil for the fragrance, and it is the best part of the product, the fragrance is so edible 😊 I use it on my daughter’s face too. It is tear free and doesn’t dry out her skin.

MamaEarth Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies Review

The product is easy on the pocket, and lasts a good amount of time. I’m yet to finish my first bottle.

What I like about this product...

1. Natural fragrance
2. Certified toxin free with natural cleansers
3. Kid friendly packaging
4. Tear free and soft on the skin

What I do not like about this product...

     1. Not available in offline stores.

    ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.7/5 ♥♥


  1. Nice review , yes it's true that it's yet to hit the local market :-)
    Hope to see it soon on super stores & Pharmacies :-)

  2. Thanks Ghazala.. Really glad you liked the review :)

  3. Well reviewed....Love the way that pictures have been taken.