Sunday, March 5, 2017

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review

Hello Pretties!!!

How you all doing? So finally summer is knocking doors with a bang. In summers my skin becomes extra oily (I really hates this). Whenever I step outside my skin attract all the dust & dirt present on this planet like magnet 🙆.

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review
I know every girl with oily skin experience this. I wash my face several times in day still feel like “chip chip”. Even Aarav will not dare to kiss me.. Ha ha.. Jokes apart, I have started stocking face washes like crazy 😬. Already have around 20 face washes; I will definitely share my review about all of them. But in today’s post I am sharing my opinion about VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash.


VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review Ingredients

Price: Rs 230

Wt: 150 ml

Online availability:

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Packaging, online availability, Price

Shelf life: 36 months or 3 years

Skin Type: Normal to dry

Directions for use: Moisten face and neck and gently massage all over. Rinse off and pat dry. Use daily, morning and evening. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water.

How to use face wash

Packaging: This face wash comes in translucent squeeze tube with a flip top cap. The cap shuts tightly and there is no chance of leakage. Information related to product is printed in two languages and only two ingredients cactus & Litchi are mentioned under ingredient list (This is not fair). This tube is bit bulky to carry in bag so you have to choose any other option while travelling or outdoor.

Best face wash in India

My opinion about this product: It is an off-white colored face wash which has a gel like texture. The moment you pour this face wash on your palm, you will witness a very refreshing fragrance which soon fades away. It lathers well so only pea size amount is required to wash my face. The face wash has a runny consistency so it dispenses automatically without pressing the tube.

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review

It does the cleansing job perfectly, effectively removes all dirt, dust & oil from my face. I have oily skin but still it makes my skin bit try so I need to use moisturizer. The face wash is mild on skin as it is soap free so I use it multiple times in a day without worrying much.

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review

Overall it is a decent product which I would love to keep it in my bathroom shelf as I am going to use it a lot..

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review

What I like about this product….

1. Soap free formula.
2. Enriched with Catci & Litchi.
3. Lathers & cleanses well.
4. Has a very refreshing fragrance.
5. Very less quantity required.
6. Budget friendly.

What I do not like about this product…..

1. Bit difficult to find in local stores.
2. Bulky to carry in bag.
3. Ingredient list is missing.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4/5 ♥♥ 

* PR sample but honest review.


  1. That bag in the pics is sp pretty. From where you purchased it?

  2. Nicely reviewed. Too bad the ingredients list is missing.

  3. A product with no ingredient list would make stay away from it. Loved your review Anjali :)

  4. I like that this is soap free and doesn't dry out skin as much.

  5. Lovely review Anjali. The photos are very beautiful as well.

  6. Nice review , the product seems good ,did not tried this yet :-)

  7. Detailed review, Anjali. But is it okay to go for it when the product has no hint of ingredients?

  8. the product seems really good ... nicely reviewed with beautiful pics :)

  9. Wow the name sounds amazing, but missing ingredients list is a big put off....