Friday, April 7, 2017

April Glamego Box Unboxing & Review | Spring's Arrival

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                                                                                                  मुझे तो लगता है,

                                                                                               सबको धोखा दे गयी तू.
Hello Gorgeous!!!

Now I can see a wide smile on your face 😜. Yesterday I received my April Glamego box. This month's box is dedicated to spring & I am wondering where is the spring? Those who are not aware  about this subscription box, let me tell you it's a beauty box which was launched previous month only. It is probably the most budget friendly subscription available in India 😘.

April Glamego Box Unboxing & Review
Last month it was available at the price of Rs. 199/month but now it's price is raised to Rs. 249/ month (Dear Brand, now this is not fair). However from the beginning brand did clear that Rs.199 was an introductory offer. I really wish there is no more hike in the price.

April Glamego Box Unboxing & Review

Price: Rs 249

Quantity: 4 products

Online availability:

Best beauty subscription box in India

I ordered my box on 2 April & it got delivered on 6 April, I am pretty much impressed with their working style. The products of April Glamego Box come in an eco-friendly card board box along with a card detailing the products in it. There were total 4 products safely packed in a bubble wrap.

Products I received:

1. Natural Bath & Body Sweet Ocean Body Mist

Nature  Bath & Body Sweet Ocean Body Mist Review

This body mist is inspired by emerald blue open waters. Its calming base notes are topped by a delightful wave of Aquatic aroma. An infusion of organic vegetable glycerin makes this Body Mist extra gentle on the skin. Just a spray is all it takes to instantly revitalize your skin, as the charming fragrance lasts you through the day.

Rs 325

Qt: 200 ml

2. Inveda Body Butter Cream With Vanilla & Almond

Inveda Body Butter Cream Review

This Body Butter Cream is ideally suited for a wonderful body massage as it is enriched with Vanilla & Almond extracts.Its soothing on skin ,the texture & aroma totally relaxes the body & mind, leaving the skin rejuvenated & nourished.

Price: Rs 165

Qt: 50 ml

3. Lass Naturals IHT 9 Hair Shampoo

Lass Natural IHT 9 Hair Shampoo

This Ayurvedic shampoo contains natural follicle stimulators, hair nutrients, scalp cleansers and conditioner that combat thinning of hair and baldness. The 9 Ayurvedic herbs in this intensive hair therapy instantly nourishes balding scalp and stimulate hair growth that promotes longer & thicker hair. Perfect for oily, dry hair and normal hair. Gentle enough to use on permed, color-treated, bleached or highlighted hair. Apart from fighting hair loss, this shampoo also keeps hair healthy, manageable & full of shine & volume.

Price: Rs 65

Qt: 50 ml

4. Lass naturals IHT 9 Natural Hair Conditioner 

Lass Natural IHT 9 Conditioner Review

Enriched with goodness of Aloe Vera & Ayurvedic herbs that helps treat scalp disorders and prevent hair loss, the IHT 9 natural hair conditioner also balances your hair’s pH. This rinse off mild hair conditioner keeps the hair soft & tangle free. It lifts & separates the hair leaving it soft, shiny & full of volume. Perfect for oily, normal or dry hair. Gentle enough to use on permed, color-treated, bleached or highlighted hair.

Price: Rs 55

Qt: 50 ml

April Glamego Box Unboxing & Review

First product in the box is Natural Bath & Body Sweet Ocean Body Mist, as I am a fan of body mist (I prefer body mist over perfume & deodorant) so I am very happy to receive it. Second product is Inveda Body Butter Cream (some of you may receive D Tan Scrub), I wish brand has included Inveda D Tan Scrub in my box as I already have plenty of body butter so would love to try out  the scrub (कुछ लोगों का लालच कभी खत्म नहीं होता 😝). Rest two products are a shampoo & a conditioner from brand Lass. These two are have must kind of products so loved to have them in my bag. Due to the small size of bottles I am going to keep them in my travelling kit. 

Last time the products I received were of worth Rs. &700 & this time their total worth is Rs. 610. But still I am pretty satisfied with the products and again it is a super cool deal in this hot weather. He he.. 

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.8/5 ♥♥


  1. What a budget friendly beauty box..I think soon everyone gonna buy it..awesome...😊

    1. I know babe that's why I also subscribed it for three months ;)

  2. Now, Im eagerly awaiting for mine to arrive.

  3. Ha ha. Love the way u wrote this review.

  4. This is a very affordable box.

  5. Nice review and lovely products , Box is awesome specially the Mist :-)

  6. :D Mine is acne prone skin as well! Good that it doesn't cause breakouts!