Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Chicco No-tears Shampoo Review

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My niece was only two months old when she caught allergic reaction due to baby products we were using for her. Her whole body turned red because of the rashes and believe me seeing her like that was so painful. We consulted a doctor who suggested using some other baby products for her. So we switched to Chicco baby products for her. Yes we bought each & every product of this brand and soon I am going to review all of them.

Chicco No-tears Shampoo Review
Product claims:

Chicco No-tears Shampoo Review


Chicco No-tears Shampoo Review

Price: 149 Rs

Wt: 200 ml

Shelf life: 31 months

Chicco No-tears Shampoo Review

Online availability:

Directions for use: Pour a small amount onto the palm of your hand, moisten with water and then apply with a gentle massage. Rinse well.

Chicco No-tears Shampoo Review

Packaging: I find packaging of all baby products by this brand pretty simple. This shampoo comes in a white colored bottle & detailed information is printed over the packaging. It is available in three variants i.e 100 ml, 200 & 500 ml so you can buy as per your requirement.

My opinion about this product: This shampoo is transparent & has a very runny consistency. Ah! It has a strong fragrance and let me tell you all baby products (nappy cream, body wash and rich cream) of this brand have same kind of smell. The fragrance is really strong & I personally feel baby products should be fragrance free. When my baby was born, my mom also asked me  not to use products with strong fragrance.

Chicco No-tears Shampoo Review

A pea size amount of this product is sufficient enough for baby’s hair. It lathers really well & rinses off quickly. It cleanses baby’s scalp effectively without leaving any soapy residue. It is a no-tear formula (Yay!) and doesn’t make your baby cry but still I will recommend to be careful while using it.

Chicco No-tears Shampoo Review

Post wash it makes your baby’s hair soft, smooth & shiny. The product is SLS/SLES and Parabens free & will definitely give moms some relief (We all hate chemical for our babies). So I will say this is a decent product for your baby.

Chicco No-tears Shampoo Review

What I like about this product….

1. Lathers well.
2. Makes hair soft, smooth & shiny.
3. Single bottle lasts long.
4. SLS/SLES free.
5. Budget friendly.
6. Easily available in local as well as on online market.
7. SLS/SLES free.

What I do not like about this product….

1. Very strong fragrance.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.5/5 ♥♥

* I am not an expert and sharing my review as per my experience. Also request never use a baby products without doing patch test.


  1. When I was looking for an affordable SLS free shampoo in India three years ago..I used this shampoo back to back for myself...Honestly I never liked the fragrance..overall a nice product...😊

  2. I also feel that it's fragrance is bit strong especially for babies..