Sunday, April 30, 2017

StreetWear Color Rich Kajal Review

Hello Beauties!!!

In April month I traveled like crazy. My recent trip was to Jaipur where I visited my cousin sister 🙍. Her apartment is in outskirt and view from her balcony is simply breath taking. I would love to spend my rest of life at such place. We both did a lot of shopping as my sister is living there from more than 12 years and knows Jaipur very well. We visited lots of local cosmetic’s store too where I saw StreetWear Kajal. To be honest I never knew that kajal of this brand too exist in this planet. He he.. I was so impressed with the packaging that I purchased it without any second thought 😻.

StreetWear Color Rich Kajal Review
Ingredient: Sad but no ingredient list provided by brand.

StreetWear Color Rich Kajal Review

Price: Rs 90

Wt: 2.5 gm

Shelf life: 3 years or 36 months

StreetWear Color Rich Kajal Review

Online availability:

Direction for use:

StreetWear Color Rich Kajal Price, Availability, Packaging

Packaging: This kajal comes in a chubby crayon pencil form. It is a sharpener able pencil so a complementary sharpener is also provided with the pencil by the brand. The cap of the pencil has graphic illustration of a girl over it,
3 which makes packaging look super gorgeous. On regular application this kajal becomes blunt and you need to sharpen it frequently (लो हो गया ना काजल बर्बाद). I am in love with the packaging of this kajal.

StreetWear Color Rich Kajal Review

My opinion about this product: The kajal looks like jet black but on swatching it looks more like grey black. No doubt this thing disappointed me as we all expect our kajal to be a jet black. It smells like camphor which is not at all irritating. The formula of this kajal is super creamy and easily glides on eyes without any tugging or pulling.

StreetWear Color Rich Kajal Review

It is not a one stroke kajal and 3 or 4 swipes are required to get opaque coverage. Good thing is that this kajal neither breaks nor irritate my eyes. The kajal is not smudges proof so you have to control yourself from rubbing your eyes. Otherwise you will end up looking like a Panda (To be honest Panda is the cutest gift of god). If you like to do smokey eyes look then you will love this kajal. The kajal can be removed with water or mild cleanser as it is not water proof.

StreetWear Color Rich Kajal Review

I am in habit of using kajal as eyeliner too. I can easily use Maybelline or Lakme kajal as eyeliner too but using this pencil is almost impossible for me. So overall I am not impressed with this kajal and will never purchase it in future. But this kajal can be nice option for school or college going girls who remain in search of budget friendly products.

StreetWear Color Rich Kajal Review& Swatch

What I like about this product….

1. Has mild camphor smell.
2. Cute packaging.
3. Super affordable.
4. Glides smoothly on eyes.
5. Did not cause any irritation on my eyes.
6. Comes with sharpener.
7. Easily available in local stores.

What I do not like about this product….

1. Low staying power.
2. 3-4 swipes are required to show up as a deep black color.
3. Not waterproof.
4. Not smudge proof.
5. Needs to be sharpened.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 2/5 ♥♥


  1. Love your honesty while writing a review.

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