Thursday, June 1, 2017

12 Tips For Surviving Initial Few Months Of Motherhood

Hello Ladies!!!

Seems like its yesterday when I used to visit my gyne for routine checkup & then gave birth to my son 👶. My love is one year old now and I literally cannot even realize how he got to be so big!! It was only a few short months ago that he couldn’t even lift his head off the ground and now my little dude is walking, talking (in his own language), singing & showing tantrums 😘. 

No doubt initial few months were damn difficult for me. My boy used to sleep whole day & used to wake whole night. Won't lie those days sometimes I used to feel like I will die soon. I remember when he was 2 months old I shouted at him (It was first & last time when I raised my voice so hard) as I was damn sleepy literally feeling like Zombie at that time (I still regret for that day). After hearing my loud voice he started laughing, don't know what was in his  mind.. He he 😉.. It was his first social smile till that day, so I decided that from that day on wards  I will enjoy motherhood instead of taking it as a duty. I am sharing my 12 tips for surviving initial few months of motherhood.

1. Share your struggles:
 You may feel tired, angry, frustrated, confused, sleepless etc in the initial few months of motherhood. Do share this with your mum, husband, friends etc.. Expressing your feelings definitely brings relaxation.

2. Enjoy every phase: Just remember time doesn’t remain the same. It passes by very fast, one day you will wake up and realize that your baby is all grown up. So enjoy every phase of your life.

3. Remember post-partum blues are real.
You may feel down in the dumps or struggle to become your self again after delivery. Remember your kids will need your time & care. I remember my stitches were paining like hell & but still I need to handle him, forgetting about my pain. Just remember there is not a better position or role on this earth then being a Mother. I left my job but do not regret because I know job can wait baby can’t.

4. Don’t hesitate in taking help:
Handling baby is not an easy task, so don’t hesitate in taking help of your mom, mother-in-law, friends etc. They will definitely make your work easier. Maid can also be an option.

5. Do not try to become perfect mom: We all learn from experiences, do not over pressurize yourself for becoming a perfect mom. In initial days of my motherhood I felt like my baby loves my mom more than me. It’s funny but no doubt an experienced person can handle your baby much efficiently than you which ultimately results in affection of baby towards that person. I never forced myself on my baby nor did efforts to become perfect in front of him.

6. Take out some “Me” time: First 6 months I lived at my parents place. Whenever I felt like that I am tired or exhausted I asked my mom to handle my baby so that I can pamper myself. I may sound selfish but believe me I am not.

7. Cry hard: I know you may be thinking “How crying will help”. But believe me it works.

8. Start making a scrap book: From the very first day I am clicking my baby’s picture & pasting it on scrapbook. I love looking back every month and get amazed at how fast my cup cake is growing.

9. Nap when baby naps: I know it’s bit difficult but as a new mom you have to be expert in this. Lol.. Try to take nap when your baby is doing the same. Otherwise you will end up with making yourself as Zombie like creature.

10: Join a Mom's group: You can join various mom’s group on Face book, believe me it will help you a lot. You can learn from experience of other moms or even can get help from them.

11. Talk to your baby: From the very beginning I talk to my boy. I know he can’t answer me at this age but his smile is sufficient enough to make me happy in spite of this difficult phase of life.

12. Do look at your baby face while sleeping: Believe me a sleeping baby looks like an angel. His/her a single glance will definitely make you forget you pain or anger or frustration. You should never forget to adore your little angel while sleeping.


  1. I wish you have shared this post earlier..

    1. He he.. Learning from my experience :)

  2. This is an amazing post Anjali! Wish I had known this earlier! Motherhood is not a duty! So true.

    1. I know but we all learn from our extensive experience :)

  3. wow post dear. Love every bit of it.

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  5. Very useful tips. Thank you for sharing...

  6. Very useful tips. Thank you for sharing...

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  8. so so true ..gone though it and can vouch for it ...excellent post

  9. These are some useful tips which i m sure will help every new mom.

  10. Very useful tips.. And you are right, every time I look my son while he is sleeping and the feeling is awesome...

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