Saturday, June 3, 2017

The ROI on Weight Loss at VLCC Wellness Center

You must be surprised by what I have to write about weight loss here. From last few days, I have been reading about the growing market of weight loss. Out of curiosity, I contacted few weight loss centers in India and learned that the idea behind a slimming center is just not only weight loss; it is much more than that. Among all the centers I contacted, I am convinced with a leading slimming services provider in India – VLCC (#VLCCIndia).

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VLCC follows a combination plan, with a balance of physical, mental and psychological health to achieve the shape and weight desired by the clients. They offer natural as well as unnatural ways to slice the extra inches off your skin. They help the client in maintaining a proper diet with regular exercise, motivating and pushing them towards adopting a healthier lifestyle.

They understand that there is no universal weight reduction program, which suits all body types. So they design the program based the requirements of each client.

They also believe in doing a detailed study of your family health and medical history, to understand the target problem of your weight issues.

If you want to lose some extra weight, I suggest going for a program that won’t empty your bank and has got some clinically-tested therapies to help. 

The VLCC Slimming program has clinically tested procedures which have shown great results to boost metabolism and accelerate fat loss.  

The Science – “Backed by Research”

We all love our body and VLCC understands this fact very well. Like other chronic problems, the VLCC experts specialize in obesity and weight loss. Their team keeps a check on the client’s status throughout the program, to ensure they can provide the best help to them. They even offer services to people with specials needs or medical conditions like hypothyroid, arthritis, and hypertension PCOS and diabetes etc. The dermatologist also keeps a detailed check on the clients to ensure they don’t develop any allergy, stretch marks or any other marks on their skin during these slimming programs.

What is so unique about VLCC?

Initial Evaluation

Every client meets with certified exercise physiologists, nutritionist, and counselor. They review the medical history, which includes family medical background and any illness. Then you will get a personalized exercise program which you can pursue under medical supervision.

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Dietary Consultation

The wellness chain has licensed nutrition specialist for the initial nutritional counseling session. They will help you to integrate your present eating habits into a healthy diet.

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Exercise Program

Every client is screened by exercise physiologists for metabolic fitness and body composition. This testing helps to evaluate exact measurement of calories burned at the time of rest and at work.

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The Therapy

VLCC has a range of slimming programs which are totally customized, be it losing a moderate amount of weight quickly. You will be surprised to know these procedures known as Elixir therapy, Vedatrim, CurveExpert and much more, are all painless and FDA approved.

There is no chatter about the negative feedbacks. 

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Behavior Modification 

In your individualized session, you will understand the reasons for the unhealthy procedures and can set goals to achieve healthy behavior in your life.

VLCC Institutes are run and operated by a team of professionals, who have profound specialization in their respected fields. Service delivered at their institutes guarantees long lasting benefits, to ensure clients fitness, and health composition. However, these results might vary depending on body status and composition of different individuals.

So if you are looking for a weight loss solution provider, do consider VLCC as a potential prospect. 


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