Monday, July 3, 2017

Lotus Make-Up Valencia Orange Pure Colors Matte Lipstick Review

Hello Pretties!!!

Today I am going to review Lotus Make-Up Valencia Orange Pure Colors Matte Lipstick. Brand launched Pure Colors Matte lipstick collection last year only. Lotus Make-Up Valencia Orange Pure is my very first lipstick from this brand & it is a summery shade 😍. 

Lotus Make-Up Valencia Orange Pure Colors Matte Lipstick Review
Ingredients: Nothing mentioned.

Price: 325 Rs

Wt: 4.2 gm

Online availability:

Lotus Make-Up Valencia Orange Pure Colors Matte Lipstick Review

Packaging: This lipstick comes in a pretty beige-golden color tube. At the bottom of the lipstick there is a label on which shade number, shade name, weight etc have been mentioned. The packaging is pretty simple & there is nothing exciting about it. It is a regular tube which you can easily carry in your bag or purse.

My opinion about product:
It is a peachy orange shade which is an awesome shade to carry in summers. Before using Elle-18 Let’s Tango lipstick, I was bit skeptical about using orange shade but after using it I have started loving this shade. This lipstick is averagely pigmented & multiple swipes required to opaque coverage. I will suggest avoiding this shade if you have pigmented lips.

Lotus Make-Up Valencia Orange Pure Colors Matte Lipstick Review

It is a Matte lipstick but it has more of a creamy texture. Due to its creamy texture it smoothly glides on lips with tugging or pulling. It keeps your lips hydrated and you need to not apply lip balm before applying this lipstick. On my lips this lipstick stays for maximum 2 hours & then fades away without leaving behind any tint.

Lotus Make-Up Valencia Orange Pure Colors Matte Lipstick Review

This shade will suit on medium to fair skin tone. Keeping price in mind I do not find this lipstick an exciting stuff. You can buy it but keep in mind that brand claims it to be a “Matte” lipstick but it is not.

What I like about this product..

1. Non drying formula.
2. Nice shade.
3. Travel friendly packaging.
4. Easily available.
5. Never creases.
6. Glides smoothly on lips

What I do not like about this product….

1. Low staying power.
2. Not 100% matte.
3. Averagely pigmented.
4. Transferable.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥
2.8/5 ♥♥


  1. Love that shade and the brand lotus

  2. Nice review , I have some Lotus Herbal Lipsticks , they are Okay kind of products :-)

  3. Its such a lovely shade, its shame that longevity is not good though.. Nice review

  4. I have a shade in this range and I totally go with your review. They transfer and do not stay for long too :/

    1. Thanks for having opinion like me.. He he

  5. Nicely reviewd.. somehow orange is just not my shade...

  6. The color orange really suits your complexion.

  7. Wow shade is really very nice 💖👌

  8. I liked the shade actually. But it would have been even better if it could stay longer.

  9. Looks a vibrant bold orange shade... Best for monsoon makeup

  10. Orange shade looks so fabulous. I like the brand also. Used many of its products. I like ur review also.

  11. The shade is beautiful but I do not like Lotus cosmetics somehow. BTW that doggy is so cute 😁😜

  12. Hey firstly love your pictures..each one different and very nicely clicked..cute doggy..lotus review is very nice but not longer staying.. great reviews