Monday, July 3, 2017

Miss Claire Blusher In Shade 18 : Review and Swatch

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How are you all doing? I’m enjoying the monsoon right now 🌂. Monsoon means rain and dingy weather. So a well flushed cheeks can make your monsoon days better and for that here comes the Miss Claire blush to rescue us. A flash of color can make a huge difference on our face, it instantly adds color , gives a healthy sheen and makes face look brighter and fresher on gloomy days. Miss Claire is the brand that I came to know when I started using their soft matte lip creams. I love their SMLPs so I wanted to explore more Miss Claire products and bought some eye shadows and this blusher. So today I will be sharing my experience with this Miss Claire Blusher in shade 18.

Miss Claire Blusher In Shade 18 Review & Swatch

Price: they were priced in between Rs.150-200/- (Couldn’t remember the exact price), but not more than 200/-.

Packaging: From the packaging, it seems like the dupe of NYX blush (exactly same packaging). The blusher comes in square shaped plastic case with see through lid, so you can see the blusher shade from outside, thus easy to identify. The lid shuts with a click sounds which makes it travel friendly. Necessary information related to the product is mention at the back.

Miss Claire Blusher In Shade 18 Review & Swtach
Miss Claire Blusher In Shade 18

Shade: It is a dusky rose pink shade with no shimmer which would flatter most of the Indian skin tones.

Miss Claire Blusher In Shade 18 Review & Swatch

My opinion about the product: The texture is silky soft, more on the creamy side. Thus it sits on face so well. Pigmentation is just perfect, neither highly pigmented nor chalky. You have to swipe the brush two to three times on the product to catch up the color. You have to layer the product 2-3 times to show the color on the cheeks, thus you have the control over the color payoff. The formula is gorgeous just like any high end product, creamy and silky. It doesn’t look powdery or cake-y at all and sits on the face so well that look like you have natural blushing cheeks. The formula doesn’t clog pores hence doesn’t break me out. It stays put on me for 4-5 hours. After that the color is starting fade away.

Miss Claire Blusher In Shade 18 Review & Swatch

This shade is flat matte, so do not except any glossy or sheen effect from it. But I feel that the color and finish makes it perfect for daily wear to work or collage. The thing that really matters is the availability.

Miss Claire Blusher In Shade 18 Review & Swatch

My rating:

Where to buy: you can it buy from

Final verdict: A blush can make you look fresh and glowing. But you have to choose a blush which is not much pigmented. If you choose anything that highly pigmented, you might be ending up look like a clown. So when to buy a new blush please keep this tip in mind. For me this blush is just perfect from every side, it is matte, creamy and has decent staying power. What can I ask more in such price tag. Highly recommended this one. So girls what are you waiting for! Go and Grab it.


  1. its such a nice, summery shade!

  2. Nice review and a lovely shade in an affordable range , Thanks for sharing , will check it out at the website :-)

  3. Very nice and sweet pink shade..not flashy your awesome reviews . Want more such post