Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bella India Products (Sanitary Napkins, Panty Liners & Feminine Wash Review)

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I am not at all blogging these days & believe me I am missing those days like anything; when I used to write the blog on daily basis. There are two reasons behind my hectic schedule, first is my little munchkin 👶 who makes me run behind him whole day & when he sleeps I work on my subscription box. As I am not active in blogging world these days so I am not accepting PR samples from the brands but I recently accepted samples from Bella India. This brand deals in products which we women need to talk about. Yes! I am talking about Sanitary napkins, panty liners, sensitive wash etc. In this post, I am going to talk about them.

Products I received:

1. Perfecta Ultra L Sanitary Napkins
Price: Rs. 55
Qt: 8

2. Bella Panty Liners
Price: Rs. 64
Qt: 20

Bella Feminine Wash
Price: Rs 2
Wt: 3 ml

My opinion about the product: The sanitary napkins come in a small packaging which can be easily carried in your bag while traveling. Each & every required detail is clearly printed on the packaging itself. The pads are extremely thin so even if you put in a pad in your pocket nobody will notice that 'bump" 😜. The pad absorbs well & provides a separation of the humid, clammy pad from your skin, all without being too rough. So I found them a nice option in the daytime. For night time you can give a try to Bella Ideale Night Pads.

Bella India Products (Sanitary Napkins, Panty Liners & Feminine Wash Review)
Bella India Products (Sanitary Napkins, Panty Liners & Feminine Wash Review)

The panty liners of this brand come in a cardboard packaging and have very refreshing fragrance. These panty liners allow you to stay fresh and clean from normal vaginal discharge throughout the month. The cottony soft cover feels dry to the touch even after absorption and the wavy design on the cover really work to guide your period away from the edges.

Bella India Products (Sanitary Napkins, Panty Liners & Feminine Wash Review)

We generally do not talk about a feminine wash. Not every woman is using it, or find it necessary in her life. That is the reason that Bella India & I decided to give samples of Bella Feminine wash to subscribers in next month Euphorbia Box. So that girls can use it and know the importance of this particular product.

Bella India Products (Sanitary Napkins, Panty Liners & Feminine Wash Review)

This feminine wash is a clear gel like liquid, so has no specific color & has a very runny consistency. So be careful while pouring it on your palm. The liquid has a very pleasant and refreshing fragrance which you will definitely be going to like. It lathers well & leaves behind a clean and smooth skin. It is mild in nature so didn’t cause me any irritation & itching. In fact, it keeps dryness, irritations & rashes away. It also helps get rid of the odor.

It is the first time that I am using products from this brand and I am pretty impressed with all of them. Looking forward to trying out the other products too. If you too like to buy these products then you can visit Here.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4 /5 ♥♥


  1. Sanitary napkin looks promising, will try for sure.

  2. I am using bella feminine wash from last one month... I found it really good... Moreover i got 300ml bottle in 199 rs that is reasonable...

  3. Nice review ,Bella Products are really good and affordable :-)

  4. Hey missed your posts dear. Good to see you back :)