All the products mentioned on website are purchased with my own money. If it is a PR sample it will be mentioned in the review. But it will not affect my honest opinion about the product. My reviews are honest and based on my experience with the product.

Do remember one thing, products may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa.

All the information and pictures are solely my property unless mentioned and are 100 % genuine.

Also you are free to comment here on my blog as long as it doesn't contain any objectionable content, else I would really like to make some great friends over here with whom I can connect on a beautiful note.

I believe in honesty and my blog will be a reflection towards it, if something irks me I don't mind giving my opinion at that very moment but what ever it may be I am going to stick to it.

If you want to use any of the picture clicked by me present on my blog then kindly tell me before hand and link the picture back to my blog towards the page you have used it upon.

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